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Cooper Industries is a full service company providing the following services:

Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance

- Build, repair, and upkeep your irrigation system

general.jpg (7811 bytes) Gardening Maintenance

- Trimming of shrubs, hedges, new plants, soil, bark, fertilizers

steam.jpg (2993 bytes) Steam Cleaning of Walkways

- Keep your pavement looking new

Tree Service/Pruning

- Licensed arborists to keep your trees trimmed and shapely

sweeper.jpg (12076 bytes) Lot Sweeping

- Avoid litter build up and present a clean atmosphere to your customers

trash.jpg (10389 bytes) Trash Removal From Premises

- Hauling away trash and dumped materials (*dump fees may apply)

Maintenance Of Vacant Stores

- Control weed problems and litter pile up

dumpster.gif (34017 bytes) Emptying And Relining of Trash Cans

- Prevent messy overflowing trash cans

rat.jpg (5325 bytes) We are also Licensed Pest Control Operators!!

- Termination of rodents

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